How to get a Note 7 replacement

The Galaxy Note7 Voluntary Replacement Program will run from October 01 to December 31, 2016. All Galaxy Note7 devices bought from authorized stores and telco operators in the Philippines on or before September 07, 2016 are covered by the replacement program. Read the official Samsung instructions

Samsung recalls all Note 7 phones after explosion claims, halts sales

There were reports of the latest Samsung Note 7 phones catching fire possibly due to their battery. Samsung will recall all the Note 7 phones globally after an internal investigation shows a batter flaw. Samsung statement "To date (as of September 1) there have been 35 cases that have been reported globally and we are currently conducting a thorough inspection with our suppliers to identify possible affected batteries in the market. However, because our customers’ safety is an absolute priority at Samsung, we have stopped sales of the Galaxy Note7. For customers who already have Galaxy Note7 devices, we will voluntarily replace their current device with a new one over the coming weeks."

Samsung is working on Galaxy Folder Android flip phone

Before you get too excited, Galaxy Folder LTE phone is intended to be available only in China market. According to SamMobile the phone sports a 3.8in touch display, 1.4Ghz Qualcomm processor, 2GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The rear camera would be 8megapixel with front camera at 5megapixel. In the battery department we're looking at 1,950mah battery. It has microSD support and Android Marshmallow (6.0.1). The price is set to be around P12,000.

Why are the new gTLD headed towards failure?

As you may already be aware, for the past few years we've seen new gTLD coming out, such as .club .link .online and so on. However, looking at the market and financial side of these new gTLDs we have identified a major problem which, if not taken care of, will lead to the general failure of the whole project, if it's not too late already. The issue is public awareness.

Try register one of these domains and give the new link to someone over the phone or on a business card, you will likely end up with them saying "and then .com?" as to be added to your domain. The registries and ICANN failed badly in securing a worldwide awareness campaign.

People don't trust these new extensions since they don't know what they are and it's human nature to be weary of the unknown. To this date, no global awareness campaign has taken place and soon the wave of consolidation will start which symbolizes the begining of the end for most extensions.

This process somehow helped increasing value of .com and ccTLD (.ph and other dotCountry) domain names considerably. They are brands in themselves and as such, they are recognized, remembered and trusted. It is critical in online business to be trusted and recognized.

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Samsung J7 2016, the hidden monster

It is rare that a mid range phone can compete with top of the line models at this price range of ~14,999PHP. In terms of battery life, Samsung J7 2016 has a stellar performance beating even the flagship Samsung Note line by a large margin, almost double, that is amazing feat! It beats pretty much everything out there. The screen is gorgeous at 1080p, bright and crisp. The phone is very responsive in most everyday tasks. We've used most Galaxy Notes, S series including S7 and we are really amazed by this J7 2016. All this with a removable battery, dual sim and memory card slot. You would certainly have to invest in a tampered glass (~350PHP) since it does not feature Gorilla Glass. We recommend that you consider visiting a Samsung store and play with the demo unit and see for yourself.

Pokemon can be dangerous, pointers for a safe hunting

We'd like to advise our readers to exercise caution when playing Pokemon Go. Please always be aware of your surroundings (the real surroundings) and mindful of people whom might not share your excitement of the game. Players are advised to exercise caution to avoid trespassing on private property. While the game can be a fun experience, ending in the hospital or worse it is not, thus please watch out for traffic and other dangers. Best to avoid playing when the surroundings require your constant attention such as when driving. Have a safe hunt!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, incremental upgrade

Have to admit, the Note 7 is rather an incremental upgrade from Note 5 and if you have a Note 4, you could very well stick with it and call it a day. As you might be aware, Samsung decided to call it Note 7 instead of 6, to align with the S line. While the battery is still non removable, Samsung has added a microSD memory slot, edge screen and iris scanner. The Note 7 comes only in edge version by default. Apparently Samsung is considering moving towards edge only devices in their flagship line. Personally we find the edge not very useful in itself. It is useful to Samsung to raise the price considerably though.

Fix washed out colors in 1080p on 4K external TV monitor

4K TV's are great and they can be used as an external monitors as well for both productivity and big screen cinema experience and of course, gaming. However, many people experience an odd thing, when in 2160p (4K) resolution, the colors are great but when switched to 1080p (FullHD) the colors are washed out. We've been trying to figure this one out for the past few months to no avail, tried various driver settings, operating systems and no results.

Persistence is the key, we refused to give up so we found a solution...

E-mail inventor passed away at 74

Even with the advent of Facebook and all sorts of messengers, e-mail is still the most widely used communication method online, especially in business environments where its simplicity and reliability keeps things moving.

Raymond Tomlinson, the inventor of e-mail, has passed away at the age of 74.

Until the invention of e-mail there was no way of sending something to a person by internet at a specific address. Since the implementation of e-mail firsts happened on military network ARPANET, it wasn't yet popular with the masses. However, with the advent of pesonal computers, masses had access to e-mail and it became the main way of communication online.

The @ symbol was chosen by Mr. Tomlinson to connect the username and destination address which forms the e-mail adress.

Surely he didn't imagine the impact of e-mail and especially the impact of SPAM, else he would surely had worked out a better implementation.

Thank you Sir!

Should SSD drives be defragmented?

The standard HDD's performance suffers dramatically with the increase of the file fragmentation. Regular defragmenting of these drives can improve their performance. One the other hand, the SSD drives don't have the movable reading head which has totravel around everytime data is read so it is much faster, however we found...

The latest DJI Phantom 4 drone can follow you

DJI Phantom drones are very popular in the Philippines and the Phantom 4 is ready for preorder with several improvements over the 3rd version. Among the most notable improvements is the obstacle sensing system which allows the drone to avoid obstacles by going around them, pretty neat...

WhatsApp ends support for Nokia Symbian and Blackberry platforms

Every beginning has an end and it appears that the end has come for the WhatsApp on Nokia and Blackberry devices since the market share of these shrinked considerably and thus not warrant the development and maintenance of the corresponding apps.

The support will end by the end of 2016. Here's the list of the platforms...

Huawei MateBook convertible tablet

Huawei has launched the 12 inch MateBook, a 6.9mm slim tablet weighing about 640g. The screen is IPS with a resolution of 2160x1440. It packs latest 6th Gen Intel Core(tm) processor, dual core up to 3.1Ghz, enough to allow for great productivity while on the go. Powered by Windows 10, with storage options of 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

First smartphone with thermal camera

Soon we will be able to use this nice phone that comes equipped with a thermal camera, that is, an infrared camera that can display areas of heat and cold in those cool colored gradient images helping us understand and fix heat/cold related problems in constructions, electrican engineering and so on, the potential is endless. It will be available later this year for about PHP 40,000 (I factored the added taxes by the time is in the country etc)...

Underwater data centers are being tested by Microsoft

Going under water could solve several problems by introducing a new power source, greatly reducing cooling costs, closing the distance to connected populations and making it easier and faster to set up datacenters.

Datacenters are the backbone of cloud computing, and contain groups of networked computers that require a lot of power for all kinds of tasks: storing, processing and/or distributing massive amounts of information...

Philippine's first satellite

Department of Science and Technology (DOST) launched the first microsatellite in April 2016. "Diwata was turned over to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to prepare for its launch into space in April. With Diwata, comes the Filipino dream to have its own Philippine Space Agency," DOST said. Diwata-1 is a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite set to fly 400 km above the earth. It serves as a training platform and will pave the way for the Filipino team to further develop their skills in the space technology. Part of the three-year program is the development of a second microsatellite (Diwata 2) to be launched in 2017.

DIWATA 1 is equipped with a High Precision Telescope (HPT) that can determine the extent of damages from disasters, like typhoons and volcanic eruptions. It can also monitor changes in cultural and natural heritage sites, like the Mount Apo or Mayon Volcano.

Its Spaceborne Multispectral Imager with LCTF will be able to monitor changes in vegetation and monitor oceans productivity.
It also carries a Wide Field Camera that will help scientists and weather forecasters tp better observe cloud patterns and more accurately predict weather disturbances. Its Middle Field Camera assists in determining the locations of images captured using the HPT and SMI.

Read more on the official DOST page about the satellite

Virtual Reality Video on YouTube

YouTube, the video site we use to love and hate, added support for Virtual Reality (VR) video. VR Videos offer a 360o views and using the phone’s gyroscope, can air in looking at what you want within the action on video.

Click here for a collection of VR videos

At this time, to watch these VR videos you need Google Cardboard device or similar. Once the proper VR gear hits the market later this year and early 2016, things will improve dramatically. So go ahead and download the new YouTube from Google Play and have fun!

The New BlackBerry PRIV

The World’s first BlackBerry Secure Smartphone Powered by Android™

For real qwerty keypad lovers, BlackBerry has the secure phone BlackBerry PRIV ready to preorder. We’re not yet aware of when will it be available in the Philippines. The phone is streamlined for communication and productivity while able to take advantage of the fantastic Google Play™ store apps. domain sold for $12

In a weird story of luck, Sanmay Ved managed to buy the domain name for only $12. According to his LinkedIn post, he was exploring the Google Domains interface and typing revealed that is available for registration, which he quickly acted upon, obviously. The registration went through and his credit card was charged. His luck was short lived, of course, as Google reversed the transaction and refunded the money. The domain being returned to its rightful owner :)

New Vulnerability Processing MP3/MP4 Media on Android devices

Zimperium zLabs has revealed further issues with the Stagefright library, a media library which is used to process several popular media formats on Android. An attacker could use specially crafted MP3 or MP4 files which would lead to arbitrary code execution. These files would be sent via MMS. The attack can be triggered by the metadata within the files. That makes it more problematic since it would activate even on merely previewing the file. Unfortunately, the only fix will come with the new version of Android, Marshmallow. Until then, users are advised to disable the automatic retrieval of MMS messages and if possible, discard their usage completely, until this issue is fixed.

iPhone, iPad Pro and Apple TV

Apple has introduced a series of upgrades for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. on the iPhone they have introduces 3D Touch, a feature that lets you control your apps by the pressure you apply on the touch screen. Apple TV has its internals upgraded and redesigned remote control while the iPad introduced iPad Pro, a 12.9 inch screen tablet.

Official Apple Press Releases on the subject: iPhone | iPad Pro | Apple TV

How about a 250 Megapixel camera?

Well, not a camera yet but a sensor, developed by Canon it's an APS-H-size CMOS sensor with approximately 250 megapixels, the world's highest pixel count for its size. The image out of these would measure 19,580 x 12,600 pixels. Canon is considering the application of this technology in specialized surveillance and crime prevention tools, ultra-high-resolution measuring instruments and other industrial equipment, and the field of visual expression.

FREE Wifi in the Philippines, nationwide

So the government is rolling out FREE WiFi internet nationwide. It will probably be slow but should be enough for its purpose, that is, to stay updated with the latest news, social stuff and email. Assuming it's full access. The WiFi will be installed in public places such as public schools, hospitals, airports, parks and rings. This affair will cost 1.5billion peso every year. The free WiFi service speed will be capped at 256 kilobits per second (ouch).

Read the full ICTO  implementation document

The exploding iPhone story

Allegedly, an exploding iPhone burned this man's tigh to the point that he needed 10 days hospitalization for 3rd degree burns, according to his story. You might want to consider one of those belt pouches in this case, better safe than sorry, eh?

Reload SMART number through text

For those of you who are using a 3G/LTE modem to connect to the internet, it might be a hassle to take out the sim, plug it in your phone to reload it using one of the load cards, since eload might not be available to you in the middle of the night and if you are anything like me, you'd be stocking a couple of them anyway...

HTC One M9 leaks

How long are they going to pull off this old tricks with so called leakes? Anyway, for those who want to go with the flow, here is how HTC One M9 apparently looks like

How to remove Lenovo Superfish

As with every major brand out there, laptops that come with preinstalled operating system, bundle on top of it a host of bloatware, mostly useless, resource hog software with unknown purpose other than to annoy the buyers. Well, Lenovo decided to take it one step further, with Superfish, what an irony, fishy stuff indeed!

In the aftermath, Lenovo has issued a statement and instructions on how to remove the pest. Lean how to remove SuperFish

According to Lenovo, Superfish may have appeared on these models:
G Series: G410, G510, G710, G40-70, G50-70, G40-30, G50-30, G40-45, G50-45, G40-80
U Series: U330P, U430P, U330Touch, U430Touch, U530Touch
Y Series: Y430P, Y40-70, Y50-70, Y40-80, Y70-70
Z Series: Z40-75, Z50-75, Z40-70, Z50-70, Z70-80
S Series: S310, S410, S40-70, S415, S415Touch, S435, S20-30, S20-30Touch
Flex Series: Flex2 14D, Flex2 15D, Flex2 14, Flex2 15, Flex2 Pro, Flex 10
MIIX Series: MIIX2-8, MIIX2-10, MIIX2-11, MIIX 3 1030
YOGA Series: YOGA2Pro-13, YOGA2-13, YOGA2-11, YOGA3 Pro
E Series: E10-30
Edge Series: Lenovo Edge 15

Cheap calls from SMART to PLDT

There are times when we need to call a landline number and all we have is our cellphone which, on Smart network, would cost us 7.50p/min to call. In my case, I needed to call the bank and as usual, the call center would have you on hold for about 20 minutes.

How about calling SMART to PLDT for 2.50p/minute then?
In order to avail this promo of Smart, you can simply register for one of the two available options, the 100 minutes and the 30 minutes.

100 Minutes Calls to All networks, including landlines (VALID 15 DAYS)
To register: Send a text message CALL250 to 5908

30 Minutes Calls to All networks, including landlines (VALID 5 DAYS)
To register: Send a text message CALL100 to 5908

The instructions on how to call will be sent to you once you have successfully registered. Please maintain P1.00 balance while enrolled in the promo.
BONUS: You can also call any number in US, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.